Bruxketta is a mouth-watering, age-old tomato recipe.
Kunserva (Tomato Spread)
Kunserva (Traditional Tomato Spread) is a traditional Maltese delicacy ideal over hard crust bread, as a quick snack or as an additional to enrich pa...
Sun Blushed Cherry Tomatoes
Sun Blushed Cherry Tomatoes with Herbs
Sundried Tomatos with Chilli
Made from fresh ripe tomatoes and naturally dried in the hot summer months!
Sundried Tomatos with Garlic
Made from fresh ripe tomatoes and naturally dried in the hot summer months!
Sun-dried Cherry Tomatoes
Sun-dried Cherry Tomatoes
Artichoke Pate
A delicate blend of artichokes, cheese, nuts and garlic make this Artichoke Pate an exquisite pasta sauce or can even be used as a dip
Basil Pate
Basil, cheese and pine nuts make this Basil Pate an excellent quick pasta sauce or may even be enjoyed as a dip with crudites or galletti (Maltese wa...
Olive Pate
The finest selection of black and green olives, capers and olive oil make Savina's Olive Pate a must-taste delight and is both with pasta and on it's...
Sweet & Chilli Pepper Pate
A mild piquant pate made with Sweet and Chilli Peppers - a typical Gozitan pate! Ideal as a pasta sauce or may be enjoyed as a dip with cruditées or ...
Antipasti with Anchovy Fillets
A selection of handpicked capers, sun-ripened tomatoes, olives and bay leaves make this the perfect antipasti. Tasty anchovy fillets are added for th...
Bigilla (Broad Bean & Parsley Dip)
Bigilla is a traditional Maltese spread made using mashed beans, garlic and parsley.
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