Zalzettun in wrapper with Board
Air Dried Pork Sausage with board
Zalzettun in Wrapper
Air Dried Pork Sausage
6 pack Peppered Cheeselets
Savina's cheeselets are a tribute to Gozitan, traditional cheese-making. These artisan cheeselets, made with sheep's milk, undergo a gentle pasteuriz...
Gozitan Peppered Cheeselets Antipasto in Olive Oil
These artisan Gozitan farmhouse cheeselets are air-dried for several days in ventilated boxes called 'qannic' and subsequently processed in spiced wi...
Il-Pekorin Mature
Aged for a minimum of ninety days, this salty-earthy cheese has a moist crumble with a definitive farmhouse taste.
Il-Pekorin with Herbs & Chilli
The fresh curds of this young Pekorin are mixed with herbs and fresh chillies to give the mellow-tasting cheese a spicy hot sweetness.
Crafted Mature Gozitan Cheeselets
Mature Crafted Gozitan Cheeselets
Crafted Peppered Gozitan Cheeselets
Crafted Peppered Gozitan Cheeselets are made in Gozo using pasteurised sheep's milk.
Crafted Gozitan Cheeselets with Herbs
Crafted Gozitan Cheeselets with Herbs
Crafted Smokey Gozitan Cheeselets
Crafted Smokey Gozitan Cheeselets
Il-Pekorin with Herbs and Chilli
Il-Pekorin (Sheep Cheese with Herbs and Chilli Peppers)
Crafted Goat's Cheeselets
Crafted Goat's Cheeselets are made using pasteurised goat's milk.
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