The Landmark Collection - Cittadella Hamper
Ref Code: 24352

Aromatic Autumn Dreams 30g, Traditional Gozitan Cheeselets pack of 2: Peppered, Tomato Chutney 120ge, Home-Made Christmas Pudding 500ge, Artisan Panettone 750ge, Torta tal-Festi (White Nougatine with Almonds & Honey) 200ge, Sundried Tomato Conserve 225ge, Cherry Liqueur Spiced with Kirsch 50cle, Tikka Bitter Red - Bitter Sweet Alcoholic Aperitif 75cle, Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Basil 90mle, Artichoke Paté 135ge, Premium Tomato Vinegar 90mle, Red Mulled Wine 75cle, Chardonnay I.G.T 75cle, Handcrafted Zalzetta 350ge, Il-Pekorin™ Matured 250ge, Handcrafted Weave Basket.

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