The Landmark Collection - Cittadella Hamper
Ref Code: 22846

Aromatic Candle Autumn Dreams 30g, Traditional Gozitan Cheeselets pack of 2 - Peppered, White Nougat with Almond & Honey 200g℮, Home-Made Christmas Pudding 500g℮, Artisan Panettone 750g℮, Sun-Dried Tomato Conserve 200g℮, Orange Liqueur with Spiced Brandy 50cl℮, Tikka Bitter Red - Bitter Sweet Alcoholic Aperitif 75cl℮, Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Basil 90ml℮, Sweet & Chilli Pepper Pate 135g℮, Smoked Pork Belly 250g℮, Red Mulled Wine 75cl℮, Merlot Premium Gozo D.O.K. 75cl℮, Handcrafted Zalzetta 350g℮, Il-Pekorin Matured 250g℮, Hand-Crafted Cane Basket.

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