The Landmark Collection - Duchess Hamper
Ref Code: 24369
Traditional Gozitan Cheeselets pack of 2 - Mature, Traditional Gozitan Cheeselets pack of 2 - Peppered, Luxury Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt 135g, Torta ta’ Sor Serafina 445ge, Torta tal-Festi - White Nougatine with Almonds & Honey 200ge, Sun-Dried Tomato Conserve 200ge, Tikka Bitter Red – Bitter Sweet Alcoholic Aperitif 75cle, Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Basil 245mle, Olive Pate 135ge, Chardonnay Girgentina I.G.T. 75cle, Handcrafted Zalzetta 350ge, Hand-Crafted Picnic Basket including Picnic Accessories for 2 persons.
Net Weight N/A