The Luxury Collection - Indulgent Hamper
Ref Code: 24321

Aromatic Candle Winter Glow 30g, Pack of 3 Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil 90mle x3, Luxury Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt Flakes 135g, Torta ta’ Sor Serafina 445ge, Artisan Panettone 750ge, Pressed Sun-dried Figs & Almonds 250ge, Coconut Liqueur Spiced with Rum 50cle, Tikka Bitter Red - Bitter Sweet Alcoholic Aperitif 75cle, Pasta Sauce with Cherry Tomatoes & Basil 380ge, San Giovese Rose - Select Gozitan Grapes 75cle, Il- Pekorin™ Matured 250ge, Cheese Fork, Cheese Knife, Presentation Carton Tray.
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